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Jun 26, 2006 - Issue #012

Tinker Belle asks, "Do You Believe?"

Watching the talking heads on CNBC reminds me of watching the scene in "Peter Pan" where Tinker Belle asks the audience, "Do you believe?"

At least "Tink" had magic dust to sprinkle and, lo and behold, things began to levitate. That magic dust could come in handy right about now.

For the week, the Dow was only down -.23%. Give me a break!

Comparing the individual components (12 up, 18 down) and you come away with a whole different take on the situation. GM helped cover up a lot of losses.

Trends: 12 rising, 8 consolidating, and 10 declining, by my admittedly subjective interpretation.

As always, how the consolidating components resolve themselves is key; just like "swing" voters in political elections. But I got to tell you, I'm not optimistic.

It's not easy finding things to buy, these days. It's also not easy finding initial "shorts" either, because of all the carnage that has taken place.

I said, last week, that no one was recommending INTC as one of the reasons I liked the stock. Well, I can no longer say that, can I?

UBS and Motly Fool mentioned it favorably. Should I be concerned?

I calculated that buying the stock, along with the Jan '07 20 "protective" puts, worked out to a risk of $.67. I think that's a cheap enough risk.

With any kind of decent rally, one might be able to "leg" into a profitable "collar", if one were so inclined.

There are so many possibilities, depending on how the market goes from here, but having a low risk as a starting point is always a good thing, don't you think?

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