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May 29, 2006 - Issue #008


Dell (DELL 24.81). Is this scary or what? However, the chart looks interesting. Is it worth an initial commitment? It's been beat down so bad, is it now turning?

Other interesting charts, in my opinion: F, AFFX, SFCC, WLV, FRNT.

In the case of AFFX, 29.35 would signal an upside break-out on the daily chart.

The best that can be said for SFCC (15.93) is that it's now moving sideways rather than declining. Although early, it may be putting in a short term bottom. It's been gapping all over the place. An upside break-out would be indicated at 17.66.

WLV (3.12), after putting in a bottom 4/26 at 2.51, is looking good for go. It's in copper. Maybe that's a good thing, these days. There are no options trading, but at this price, the stock is like an option with no expiration date.

FRNT (6.32). Last week, I mentioned JBLU. These airlines didn't participate in the up move with the other transportations. Instead, they were beat down. Maybe, it's their turn.

And how about F (7.31)? It's looking like GM really started something.

The markets are so unsettled that implied volatility appears to favor option sellers, rather than option buyers. Take that into consideration when planning your moves.

All of this sounds like I'm bullish. I'm not.

As far as the broad market indexes are concerned, I'd bail on rallys. But that's just me.

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? Let me have it, right between the eyes! I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this zine and tell me what you think!

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